Established in 1994, AquaQuest's head office and home base is Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada, nestled beside the confluence of three rivers, at the base of the Vancouver Island Mountain Range.

Our corner of the PNW is awesomely rugged, amazingly beautiful ... and damn wet. Wet from every which way. The perfect environment to inspire, develop and test waterproof products for outdoor adventure. With over 25 years experience playing around in this, the wettest of backyards, our gear can indeed be labelled Water Proven.

The head office AQ team is a a talented, dedicated group who work hard and play hard. While we don't always agree (especially when it comes to music!) we share a true passion for the great outdoors.

Here we are:


Michael | President

I'm most juiced up when I get my heart pumping and a good sweat going out in nature. The further away from the crowds and cars, the better.  The best things in life are free (or close to it) - Family, friends, sunshine, health, love, a good challenge, a nice strong coffee in the morning and a cold beer at the end of a good day! 

Trevor | General Manager

I'm a back to the lander at heart living as simply as possibly with my wife and children on a small homestead where we are constantly learning and practicing new skills. Outside of business some of my interests are food foraging, cultivation, ecology and psychology.

Chloe | Designer

BC Born and raised. My first memories are split between playing in the creek behind my childhood house and exploring the mountains up the road. Honestly, not much has changed. I spent the majority of my twenties in art school, happy & broke. When I don’t have my head in my laptop you can find me in the studio/workshop with my partner, Robbie… and/or chasing around our toddler with pup Winnie in toe.


The only thing I am more passionate about than design is spending time outdoors in my ‘82 Westfalia camper van with my best friend/ guard dog, Otis, and my partner, Jared. We moved to the Comox Valley two years ago after travelling and living in a fifth-wheel trailer for four years. Honestly, there is no better place to explore than right here in my own backyard.

Tara | Sales Channel Coordinator

I love where I live. On any given day, I can be found in the forest, on a bike, by the ocean, on a mountain, in the snow, on skis or snowshoes, at the lake or in my yard enjoying the richness of living in a temperate rainforest.


When not at work I can be found with my kids, hiking, running and biking through our amazing forest, or playing and swimming at one of the many beaches.


I moved across the country to the west coast in my twenties and after all this time (a lot!) I am still awed and inspired by the quality and variety of nature in this region. The quality and variety of PNW-brewed beer ain't too shabby either. I feel very fortunate to be able to apply my trade (design) to my passion (the outdoors) here at AQ. I'm also the proud papa of two exuberant children, who were kind enough to select my profile pic... thanks guys (the thing is: it's still probably the best photo available).


I was born and raised in Japan, and at 18 I decided to leave the busy city life in search of more space, more nature, and most importantly... more horses in my life! I started at AQ as a Japanese Translator 6 years ago, and over the years you can say that I've become a multi-job-tittler who has her hands in all the pots. (except for the Marketing team aka the dark side;)) My free time is mostly used up by riding and just being around horses, but I also love teaching dance/dancing, hiking, paddle boarding, and snowboarding in the winter. Somehow I knew that Vancouver Island was the place that fulfills my life with all things I love <3 

Amber | Sales Channel Coordinator

Adventures and nature are what fill my soul and light me up! I enjoy spending my free time combining the two as much as possible, with my favourite outdoor activities being hiking and paddling. Community drum circles are also my jam, as well as attending concerts or music events, especially where dancing is highly encouraged! Being a nomad at heart, I have a huge passion for travel, and hope to visit some of my top places such as India, Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, Greece and more…(yes the list is long!) On the opposite spectrum, I’m also extremely content hanging out with my family (both
humans and fur-kind) at home, in the backyard, or sitting around a beach fire taking in the breathtaking views I’m so lucky to be surrounded by.

Jake | Sales Channel Coordinator

I am a wanderer by nature and feel the most comfortable, creative, and happy when immersed in the great outdoors. Living on Vancouver island allows me to pursue my passion for adventure and photography all year round. Throughout my adventures, I've learned many lessons but none more valuable than the ones my daughter has taught me. Slow down, trust the authenticity of my instincts, and who you are with, where you are, and what you have to do to get there are key measures to any great adventure.